wiltOS Week

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Legendary 2021

Look back at the legends of time with our medieval themed wiltOS Week! New experiences, new models, new animations, and most importantly an homage to those that came before. Of course we couldn't have done it without the support and love you've given us. You're the real legend!

Vaporwave 2020

Crank it back to the 80s with our Vaporwave themed wiltOS Week! We brought a lot of new systems that combined our animation base with some new concepts. This was probably the most diverse wiltOS Week by far, with entities, models, sweps, animations, even a gamemode being released for Garry's Mod. The success could not have been without those that collaborated with us to bring it to players. This ones out to you!

Holographic 2019

You think this is the real wOS Week? It is! For this wiltOS Week we focused a lot on entities and how the player can actually expand gamemode usage through them. We didn't look to really redesign or add to an additional system, but instead create a self contained standalone tool that can be used for whatever a player wanted. It all culminated to a finale where our rival The Fallen One took over the discord and we fought against him as a community in Halloween themed frightfest.

Team Fortress 2018

The one that started it all, wiltOS Week 2018! With this we really jumped into all the things we were known for. Lightsabers, custom animations, even creating our prized mascot: Theo The O! The layout is akin to the iconic Team Fortress 2 class updates, with some fun stuff in between. A lot of people loved it, so we knew we hit the right mark. wiltOS Week was here to stay, and sure to be enjoyed every year as a time to relax and appreciate the community for getting us where we are.