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What destiny do we forge?

The Dark Messiah Modding Team within wiltOS Technologies exists for one reason: to be at the service of the Dark Messiah community and work on this game we all love. Whether your experience is through our RTX Remix Project, Co-operative mod, or just playing the game bug-free through the Restoration mod, that experience you have is yours to control. We don't want to stop people with just our creations, but instead encourage those to make their own. Running alongside, we push to create a full modding toolkit for the game based on our experiences developing things for it. Even if you're not that savvy of a modder, we work to make sure our mods can be mixed and matched, even with the old classic mods that already exist for the game! Above all, we want to work hand-in-hand with the community to develop experiences that everyone can enjoy, from familiar to completely new, and with the support of all those out there that hold the game near and dear to their heart, we have a great shot. We do it for you: The passionate, nostalgic, and even new guys!

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Our Projects

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Dark Messiah Co-op

Experience the epic story of Sareth, destined to become the Dark Messiah but this time with the help of your friends. Slay monsters, fight over Leanna or Xana, but most importantly choose to fulfill or reject your destiny. Buckle up for a game experience better than you would've thought alone.

Our objective with this mod is to basically fool people into thinking there was always a co-op portion of Dark Messiah. That means making new characters that fit the lore, more spells, more weapons, and more importantly: a lot of ways to play. If you want to play the original maps, you can feel free, but we'll also be offering the original story tailored to co-operative play with new encounters and balancing changes. That of course on top of already existing custom levels and new co-op centric campaigns!

Re-experience the journey of Dark Messiah in a new light! Utilizing NVIDIA's RTX Remix toolkit, the Dark Messiah RTX Remix Project is made to bring this old classic up to the modern era, without losing it's identity. Enjoy the new-but-familiar vistas of Stonehelm, the dark and brooding depths of the Necropolis, or the cliffsides of the Island of the Temple with beautiful ray-traced lighting and upgraded graphics.

We'll be going through each model, texture, and level by hand, painstakingly remastering each without losing the essence of the original art. The end goal of the project is to make sure all our assets are available to the public for free, such that they can use it in their own remasters through the Remix Toolkit, whatever they might be! Our research here even on the programmatic side steers our contributions towards the RTX Toolkit to make sure those you want to remix their favorite Source Engine game can do so with even more extended features!

Dark Messiah RTX

Dark Messiah Restored

The goal of the restoration mod is simple: fix the bugs that are plaguing Dark Messiah and let people enjoy this classic game without constant crashes or annoying slowdowns. Many issues have cropped up from things like the Steam Pipe update, or in general OS upgrades (this game is over 15 years old after all!). Widescreen autosave crashes, memory leaks, footsteps missing, even attacks not doing damage is in our control, but we can't do it alone. This is very much a community effort. We need your reports, your notes, your complaints, all of it!

Remember: If you find a bug, REPORK IT!

An entire SDK that can be used to create your own mods of Dark Messiah, not just map variants. Through heavy reverse engineering, and with the help of the Source SDK Base 2007 and 2013, this project hopes to expose a lot of the functionality tucked away in Dark Messiah so developers can manipulate and eventually create brand new things such as AI, weapons, spells, you name it. It'll require a lot of community help to bring it up to speed, but we've already done a lot of the impossible.

Our progress in this sector is driven by our other mod developments, as the best way to learn what people would like is to apply it immediately!

Dark Messiah Advanced SDK

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3D Modeller


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