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Dark Messiah Co-op  Hot

Experience the epic story of Sareth, destined to become the Dark Messiah but this time with the help of your friends. Slay monsters, fight over Leanna or Xana, but most importantly choose to fulfill or reject your destiny. Buckle up for a game experience better than you would've thought alone.

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Reverse Engineered Development Kit

An entire SDK that can be used to create your own mods of Dark Messiah, not just map variants. Through heavy reverse engineering, and with the help of the Source SDK Base 2007 and 2013, this project hopes to expose a lot of the functionality tucked away in Dark Messiah so developers can manipulate and eventually create brand new things such as AI, weapons, spells, you name it. It'll require a lot of community help to bring it up to speed, but we've already done a lot of the impossible.

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