Experience the epic story of Sareth, destined to become the Dark Messiah but this time with the help of your friends. Slay monsters, fight over Leanna or Xana, but most importantly choose to fulfill or reject your destiny. Buckle up for a game experience better than you would've thought alone. This is a project run by David, and involves reverse engineering the original Dark Messiah DLLs in order to modify common Source Engine issues between multiplayer and singleplayer, in addition to hooking functions to be called with multiple players. Since there is absolutely no code base SDK for Dark Messiah outside of the original Source Engine SDK Base ( which differs ), the efforts will be thrusted into making an SDK for developers to use. Check out the Youtube, our Discord, or the Knockout thread for developments!

Knockout Thread ModDB Page

Objectives / Features

  • Create a start-to-finish playable experience with multiple players and cutscenes intact
  • Persistent skill points and equipment per player with the option to reset
  • Support for already existing custom maps by editing base entity behavior
  • AI Upgrade to support multiple players and improve pathfinding with modified levels
  • Campaign layout upgraded with checkpoint system for seamless playthroughs
  • Fitting gameplay elements to co-op, including new spells and reworked effects
  • Patch all the crashes the original game ha actually improving the stability