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Advanced Lightsaber Combat System (ALCS)  Hot

An intuitively designed melee combat system that builds on previous elements in addition to adding new mechanics in order to retain player interest and introduce individual progression.

Renegade Squad System (RSS)

The most comprehensive military experience that can stand against any framework. Allow players to be the master of their domain with the ability to create their own squadron and build it from the ground up. Pledge allegiance to a faction, and earn new roles to give merit to their name. A cetification system, internal officer ranking system, role upgrades and progression, unlocks, board of allegiance directors, and much more makes this a powerful tool for both owner and player. There's just too much to fit in.

Passive Event System (PES)

The Passive Event System allows you to create entire multi-layered events or simulations without ever having to touch a line of code, fully automated. The modular NODAL system allows you to link complex logic and triggers to the extent you were making a map, all self contained within the event. Schedule events for date and time, trigger them manually, or have them randomly start. Combat Simulation System integrated! This Product is in Active Development. Features will be continually added and visuals may be subject to change.

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