An intuitively designed melee combat system that builds on previous elements in addition to adding new mechanics in order to retain player interest and introduce individual progression.

Price: Padawan - $50

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Package Contents

  • The classic package, focusing on combat above all else
  • Introduces the essence of the melee system, with directions, heavies, and aerials
  • A total of 39 unique attacks distributed amongst three main forms and substances, coupled with dual wielding and eleven unique force powers
  • New Devestator System, equipped with three alternatives to unleash your inner energy
  • First person combat mode for a completely immersed experience, coming with limb-by-limb reactive animation and parrying systems
  • Form creation system allowing you to make your own attack forms and stances, complimented by heavy attack charging
  • 9 Different blade types including Unstable, Corrupted, Mastered, and more!
  • A handful of new force abilities ( Group Heal, Cloaking, Charge, Shadow Strike, Meditation, Storm, Lightning Strike, Force Push, Force Pull, Saber Throw, Rage, Force Reflect )
  • Modular base so you can create your own lightsabers and customize just about every property you can think of in an easy to understand format.
  • New force power system with cooldowns, manual aiming, and easy to add format.

  • Everything from the previous package (Padawan)!
  • Includes up to the Calm Of Fate Update:
    • The definitive package we are known for, designed with player control and progression in mind
    • Introduces a cinematic and immerse lightsaber crafting system, rendered realtime and complete with inventory and item systems
    • Branching skill tree system limited only to your imagination, allowing players to choose any path you provide for them
    • New Crafting System: Collect items, create your perfect lightsaber and upgrade it.
    • Inventory system pre-installed with sleek interface and MySQL support.
    • Proficiency system to level up your lightsaber and unlock attachment slots.

  • Everything from the previous packages (Padawan and Warrior)!
  • Includes up to the Dark Ascension Update:
    • The master package, going above and beyond. Designed for maximizing player driven gameplay
    • Alters combat with the execution system, for gory but risky finishing moves
    • Introduces the Galactic Trade Network, an auction house for monetary exchange and bartering
    • Also adds the Dueling System, allowing tracked duels, dueling spirits for passive bonuses, and rare artifact shards, each with their own deep sub-systems
    • Also adds the Storage Deck, for keeping items safe past the inventory limits, with upgrades