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Counter-Life Co-op  Hot

The classic Half-life 1 mod "Counter-Life" now brought into the Sven-Coop universe. Play any map with counter-strike rules. Buy counter-strike weapons and equipment at HEV/Health stations, collect money by killing enemies, or just looting money caches around the map. Best of all, do it together with your friends.

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PS07 Reborn

A Half-life experience unlike any other. Play through the original campaign with 50+ new weapons, and enemies that can't wait to use them, or try your luck on any Sven Co-op map. Randomized spawning of weapons and new enemies, with twists and tricks that combine the elements of the Sven Co-op, PS07, and Half-life 2 SMOD. Make every experience unique, and really harness the power of the sven-edited GoldSRC engine.

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